Open Hardware Projects

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Open Hardware Projects

  • ARM FPGA Audio Board by Eric Brombaugh
    • Uses geda
    • NXP LPC2144 ARM Microcontroller with 128kB Flash, 16kB SRAM, USB, 2 ADCs, DAC, etc.
      • Pin-compatible with LPC2146/LPC2148 for more SRAM and Flash
    • MicroSD Flash card socket for on-board program, FPGA bitstream and data table storage.
    • Xilinx XC3S250EVQ100-4 FPGA with ~250kgate capacity, 12 multipliers, 216kb RAM and 66 I/O
      • Pin-compatible with XC3S500EVQ100-4 or -5 for more gates, BRAM, multipliers and speed
    • ISSI IS61WV25616 SRAM with 4Mb (256k x 16) and 10ns access time.
      • Pin-compatible with IS61WV51216 8Mb (512k x 16) for 2x capacity.
    • Cirrus Logic CS4270 stereo audio CODEC with up to 200kHz / 24-bit sampling.
    • Lessons Learned
  • Forrest Cooks' Electronic Circuits

Arduino Layout Done in PCB

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