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Remote Debugging Protocol

Python Scripting

Pretty Printers

Google code search for "gdb lang:^python$"

For Front Ends: Machine Interface (GDB MI)

  • The GDB/MI Interface
    • Tome Tromey: "the MI grammar in the manual is wrong in some places. Due to backward compatibility, nobody has fixed the code. Due to I don't know what... laziness or lack of joy maybe, nobody has fixed the manual either. The details are either in closed (sigh) bugs in bugzilla or in the mailing list archives."

Used by Eclipse CDT, Qt Creator etc. There are multiple protocol versions. No known good reusable client library.

Front Ends of Personal Interest


Thread Debugging Support through libthread_db

GDB Internals

Agent Expressions

  • Apparently, Agent Expressions (AX) (used by the trace and collect commands) are less expressive than DWARF and gdb's DWARF -> AX compiler has problems with real code generated by gcc.

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