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KVM Related

SOC and SDK Forks

Interesting Work

  • Marssx86(MPTLsim)(PTLsim): Multicore simulation environment for the x86-64 ISA, with detailed pipeline model, including the breakdown of instructions into uops.
    • Based on PTLsim with extensive enhancements for improved simulation accuracy and performance: average simulated commit rate of 200K+ instructions/second
    • QEMU based full system emulation environment with models for chipset and peripheral devices
    • Detailed models for Coherent Caches and On-Chip Interconnections . The current distribution includes :
      • Support for Write-Back or Write-Through caches at any level
      • The implementation of the MESI Protocol
      • Split-Phase On-Chip Bus Interconnect Model
      • Simple DRAM Model that simulates bank conflicts and DMA channels
  • qemuGL intercepts any call to 'int $0x99'
  • vm-gl (qemu forum thread)
  • qemu-systemc -- SystemC devices conntected through AMBA to ARM or PCI to x86
  • Argos -- extends Qemu to enable it to detect remote attempts to compromise the emulated guest operating system. Using dynamic taint analysis it tracks network data throughtout execution and detects any attempts to use them in an illegal way. When an attack is detected the memory footprint of the attack is logged.

Kernel Debugging

Other Information

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