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  • pyelftools pure-Python library for parsing and analyzing ELF files and DWARF debugging information. (User's Guide)
  • elfutils: libdw and the higher level libdwfl

Hardware Support

Watchpoints / Debug Registers

ISA # Known As Size
x86{,-64} (gdb-linux) 4 Debug Register 1, 2, 4, [8] bytes
ARMv7 and AARCH64 (gdb-linux) 16 Debug Register 1-8 bytes or up to 2GB using low-order masking
ePower 2 Data Address Compare 1 byte or 64-bit address with any bit masked or range up to 2^64 bytes
Itanium 4 Data Breakpoint Register 1 byte to 64PB using low-order masking
MIPS (gdb-linux) 8 WatchLo/Hi 8 bytes, naturally aligned
POWER 1 DABR 1-8 bytes
SPARC 2 Watchpoint Register 1-8 bytes
z/Arch 1 PER RO Range up to 2^64 bytes

(Table from A Case For Unlimited Watchpoints by Greathouse et al.)

Note that the PTRACE_{SETHBR,SET_WATCH_}REGS requests used for debug registers on ARM and MIPS are not documented in ptrace(2).

Unwind Information


Pretty Printer APIs of Various Debuggers

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