Cross Compiling for Windows and Mac on a Linux Host

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Fedora Packages

Target Installation Cross compile tips Emulation Packaging Toolchain Compatibility
Windows 32 bit MinGW: Compile software for Windows without leaving your Fedora machine, Oct 2008 QMAKESPEC and libraries that need special CFLAGS for static linking Configure wine nsiswrapper, search for "Creating a Windows installer" SEH, Mixing GCC and Visual C++ code, DWARF debugging format on Windows, Fedora Packaging Issues
Windows 64 bit (The Fedora mingw-w64 cross-compiler stack has arrived!, May 2010) Check all mingw32 compatibility issues.
Mac OS X (Mac OS X cross-compiler coming soon to a Fedora near you, Jun 2009) Hack OS X to install in a virtual machine How do you create DMGs? Apple binutils equivalents are often non free (ex: 'dsymutil'). Universal binaries and target OS X version.

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