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Programming the AVR32 Using the Atmel EVK1100 Board

Non-OS Example Programs By ITRS Members

Software Required

Atmel started requiring registration for AVR32 toolchain and software framework downloads since at least Jan. 2012. Dear Atmel, this does NOT make your customers happy!

  • AVR32 GNU Toolchain
  • AVR32 Software Framework. A collection of non-OS linker scripts and drivers for the hardware. Updates to the software framework may require updates to the compiler toolchain. Check the release notes.
  • dfu-programmer: open source utility for loading your programs to the board through USB.
    yum -y install dfu-programmer

Suggested Installation Path

  • To get the expected directory layout, run:
mkdir ~/evk1100
cd ~/evk1100
unzip AVR-UC3-SoftwareFramework-1.6.1.zip
hg clone http://itrs.tw/hg/avr32-programs
# Alternatively, if you have write access to itrs.tw
# hg clone ssh://itrs@itrs.tw//hg/avr32-programs

Using the USB DFU In-System-Programmer (ISP)

  1. Connect USB cable to evk1100 board.
  2. While holding down the joystick, press and release the RESET button. The device will boot into the DFU bootloader.
  3. Use the Makefile's in each sample program directory to build an ELF image, program it through the "dfu-programmer" utility and run it:
cd avr32-programs/blink
make isp program run

AVR UC3 Software Framework Critique

  • AVR-UC3-SoftwareFramework has problems: it's distributed as a collection of .h and .c files instead of a real library and has an "interesting" (certainly complicated) build system. Its doxygen API documentation and release notes mixes forward and backward slashes in files names.
  • AVR-UC3-SoftwareFramework tries to do for the AVR32 microcontroller series what avr-libc does for the 8-bit AVR but with more board specific peripherals support. Trying to use the former makes you appreciate the later all the more.

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